Halau Mele, Hawai'i Island: Academy of Hawaiian Arts, Music, and Dance

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     The Hula, which is the essence of this class, requires discipline, perseverance, understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of an art form. Here in Hawai'i over the years, this art form has proven itself to be instrumental in the process of acquiring knowledge in things Hawaiian such as the language, customs, manners, geography, history, literature, arts and crafts. Nā Mōhai Aloha O Ka Laua’e Pā Ola Kapu of Halau Mele provides students with an understanding of the traditions that is part of the art of hula. It is important to know that the emphasis of this program is not so much on the preciseness and strictness of the movements, but in understanding the thoughts, feelings, and ideas expressed through the chants and songs that they dance to. They will not only learn the movements of a particular chant or song, but they will also learn the background of what the chant or song is about as well.
     The objective of this hula class is to develop a deeper understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment in the hula and in the cultural heritage of Hawai’i through music and hula. This hula program will increase the understanding of how hula represents the traditions, beliefs, and values of the Hawaiian culture. It is the goal of this hula program to develop not only a foundation for the student, but also to develop a deep understanding and interest in the hula that will hopefully last a lifetime.  
Our hula instruction includes the following:
• Basic Hawaiian traditions and protocols that pertain to hula
• Stories and folklore behind the hula they learn
• Basic Hawaiian language behind the hula
"Hula is the Art of Hawaiian dance that expresses all that we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel."